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Case Studies



SportClips, a roughly 1,000-unit chain of sports-themed hair-care service providers with 10 stores in Metro Atlanta. Through time spent with each franchisee, the franchisor and the corporate real estate department, O’Brien & Company gained intimate knowledge of SportClip’s business and key elements that had made SportClips one of the fastest growing franchises in the US.  Through thorough research, we sought out real estate that specifically matched SportClips needs, proven success for other retailers, and a high likelihood of producing a successful unit for SportClips; the next ten stores almost doubled the average unit volume of the first ten locations.   We are honored to be continually servicing SportClips and have opened over 25 stores in the State of Georgia.



Troubled with an apparent over-retailing of the office supply category in Atlanta, Staples entrusted O’Brien & Company to assist them in a 9 store roll-out in the Atlanta Metro Area.  We were able to meet their challenge (the number of people and dividing it by the number of Office Super Stores, Atlanta was overstored by 6)  by evaluating each competitive location and determining its market share as well as evaluating 20 or more submarkets with a high sales volume potential. O’Brien & Company was able to put together a strategic plan and execute it through opening 9 strategic locations.  The result of this collaborative effort elevated Staples to equal the marketshare of Office Depot (prior to OD’s accusation of OM).  Staples continue to be a valued client of O’Brien & Company.


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